Sunday, 7 November 2010


The wait is over, the DVDs are all here and the last lot to be sent will be collected today.

It has been a long, stressful but exciting journey, sometimes showing little sign of the end, but after the last lot to send goes today we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Some DVDs were sent on Thursday afternoon when the Painting DVDs came in from production and I spent Saturday morning in the PO for almost 2 hrs with a third of the orders, thats not going to happen again so we decided to call on RM Business to wade in and help with the shipping, meaning I do not have to move from this sofa in order to get the orders out! Yippee! Not to mention find a way to drag close to 200 parcels to the village PO. Using RM business services has many pro's, your DVDs will be in the hands of the RM immediately and taken straight to the sorting office.

All UK parcels are sent 1st Class Recorded Delivery- as soon as your DVD has been sent your order status will be updated with your recorded Delivery tracking number. Expect Delivery within 1-3 days.

All other areas of the globe are being sent small packet air mail. Your Paypal order status will be updated to sent when your parcel has been sent. Please bare with me while I update the order status' as I have to do each and every one of these individually. RM estimate your Parcel will be with you in 5-10 days.

We would like to thank everyone for your patience on this DVD journey and continue patience as we ship the remaining DVDs. The making of the DVDs, from filming, to editing to production, has all been a huge learning curve for us and a great yet some times stressful experience.

We are anxious to hear the feedback from our customers and we really hope everyone loves their new DVDs.

We would also Love to see the results you get whilst reborning along with our DVD, that would be great to see!!!

Anyway, Enough blogging for me, have lots more work to be doing!
Hope everyone has a great day :) xxx

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Hello just to update you with a new page that has been added to the website.

Its kind of a DVD guide page about what to expect and a complete list of all the things we use in the DVDs!!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Precious Little Baby Dust

DVD NEWS! Our editor called us last week with some bad news, he has been called away suddenly, the DVDs are nearly finished but the subtitles need to be added. He will be back on the 15th to do it, but it means we wont have any DVDs for the P'borough show. We expect to have them ready for shipping is no later than 26th -27th October. So sorry for any inconvenience, please can you pass this message along to friendsxxx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Willy Wonka, i mean Precious Little Baby Dust GOLDEN TICKETS!!!

Could it be you?
Look out for tickets like these in your DVDs!!!!

click to picture to view

WOW more Prizes!!

We have decided to include TWO more prizes in the form of even more Golden Tickets... So there will be 8 golden tickets to find!!!

These two tickets will entitle the winners to an exclusive template each from Baby-Bits and Bobs templates and design!!! Natalie has been working her magic for us, so winning an exclusive template from her is a real treat :)

Friday, 1 October 2010

Long time no post

Firstly I would like to apologise for any spelling mistakes made in this entry, my dearest George thought it would be a good idea to trip whilst carrying some syrupy Ribena in a cup and it went flying all over the keyboard so now we have sticky keys which makes typing a dangerous task as i smash the s q a e and capslock key in order to get a response. The poor bliters have seen better days but for now im not going to worry too much about typing errors unless its on the 'important' stuff i.e the 'DVDs'

So finally we get to the subject you have all been waiting for. The DVDs!
How are they coming along... just swimmingly although the work load in crippling at times we are STILL enthusiastic and excited about the release!

The rooting DVD will be split into two separate tutorials of which you can watch through and combine the techniques used or practise just the one! By showing you two different ways of rooting you have the optimum chance of success with your rooting as the two tutorials are almost completely different!!!

The translators are doing a fantastic job of translating our scripts, we cannot thank them enough for their time and feedback- weirdly they actually enjoying themselves even with the enormous work load because we talk and talk and talk hehe.

We have feedback from the translators who are also fantastic reborners that the scripts are fabulous instructions and that they are learning lots from just reading now isnt that just the best news, my favourite quote being 'I can already say that your reborn instructions are the best I have ever had'

Now you wouldn't believe all the little things that go into making the DVDs too- business cards, bubble wrap, padded envelopes, sticky labels, paper, ink and unfortunately not many winks (zzzZ)

I have been appointed chief of distribution -(as opposed to calling myself 'the poster' which sounds a bit lame)
Sure enough my post office will hate me by the time the first batch has come out but im sure the royal mail will love me even more :D

Our friend and wonderful designer Natalie has been working her magic as usual, except she just gets better and better when you think that there is simply no room for improvement. She has been such an inspiration to us both with her persistence to do her best possible work and we cannot thank her enough for all the time she has devout to the DVD designs and to us both as friends too. Her design for the DVDs was completely out of our imaginations and we could have never dreamed of anything so wonderful. Natalie is a true gem not just in her artistic skill and talents but as a personal friend too and she shall remain a true friend forever, she is honest and warm- we love you so much girl friend ~X~

Sooo the DVDs are looking like they will be ready to send in approx 2 weeks time and everything is almost on deadline!

ooo and some more exciting news at Precious Little Baby Dust!! We now are stocking a select few kits- at this time we have Divine by Tamie Yarie, Claire by Romie Strydom and Bailee by Sherry Bowden on preorder!! Check on the kits page to preorder and find out what kits we plan to stock in the future!

Sunday, 5 September 2010


We cannot begin to thank everyone enough for all the support that has been shown.
After many requests we have put the preorder for the DVDs up, they are due to be in stock at the beginning of October!!

more details on the website....

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

For a good cause

It is a rare opportunity for Rachel and I to be able to reborn babies completely together, these are our first premature twins that we have reborned together and so we thought it would be a good opportunity to donate a percentage of our auctions to Bliss Charity for babies born too soon, too small, too sick.
"Bliss, the special care baby charity, provides vital support and care to premature and sick babies across the UK. Founded 30 years ago, we offer guidance and information at a critical time in families' lives. We also fund ground-breaking research and campaign for babies to receive the best possible level of care regardless of when and where they are born."

Camden and Corbin are premature sized twin sculpts by amazing artist Donna Lee.

We will be auctioning the gorgeous twins in the next couple of weeks!!!

Saturday, 28 August 2010


Important information:

The DVD will have subtitles that can be selected in the settings.
We plan to have

and English subtitles

Off to the editors

The editing of the DVD proved to be very difficult, especially for what we would like, so to keep the quality of the DVD we have decided to put the editing into the hands of an expert who currently has our DVDs and will begin work next Monday! We cannot wait!!!

The editor has strict instructions to follow so the DVD will be just perfect. It's hard to believe that we have done all this and I have to keep pinching myself to believe it's real. Many times over I have been asked to make a tutorial, Rachel like wise, but the thought of actually making one was daunting as well as exciting. Having been reborning for over 2 years now, we know the hours of labour that go into creating each and every precious baby, so we knew the hefty work load ahead of us and it was difficult to find the time too in our hectic schedules.
We can finally feel all our hard work coming together, and Natalie has been working so hard too, bless her.

As soon as the DVDs are ready they will be going into production and that should take no longer than a week or so :)

Precious Little Baby Dust on Facebook!!!

Please join our facebook page! :)!/pages/Precious-Little-Baby-Dust/149944568358432?ref=ts

Here you can read updates about the DVDs, and once you have watched the Tutorial DVDs you can leave your review on the review page!

Take care

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Golden Tickets!!!

(pasted from the website....)

We are so excited to announce that the first 250 painting and the first 250 rooting DVDs will contain 6 Golden Tickets, each ticket will represent one of our special prizes!

There will be 3 tickets in each the painting and rooting DVD and they will be put into the cases at random then sealed so we are unable to tell which boxes they're in)

The 2 first prizes will be:

Corbin by Donna Lee with tummy plate
Camden by Donna Lee with tummy plate.

Both these prizes were so kindly given to us by Donna herself, thank you so so much Donna xxx

2 prizes will be:

A Painting prize:
containing a selection of genesis paints, brushes, bottles, sponges and pots

A Rooting prize:
containing a selection of Slumberland mohair, needles, rootig tools, tweezers, brushes and scissors

2 prizes will be:

2 beautiful, high quality, handmade dresses by Sonia at Silken Locks and One Off Frocks

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Website

I just realised that I haven't even posted the website on the Blog, it would be nice to find it here too so here is the link:

So how's it all going?

It feels like a long time since I last posted on the blog when it hasn't been that long at all. I'm sorry to keep you all waiting, it's been a hectic couple of weeks since filming for the both of us. We both have new prototypes in and are still finding the time to squeeze in editing and organising every other little and HUGE jobs that comes along with making the DVD.

The ideas are STILL rolling in having filmed the DVD and we are trying to make it as perfect as we possibly can! We can barely contain ourselves we are so excited for the release. We just know it will all be worth it in the end and everything will come together... well we hope so hehe!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank another very special friend, Natalie, of Baby Bits and Bobs. She has been another life line in making this DVD happen! Designing all of our logo's, blog and website and other elements of the DVD she has been such a great sport and true friend :) Natalie has provided us with the best logos imagineable- we couldn't have even dreamt these beauty's up! You are so talented Natalie!!! Thank you hunny xxxxx

Join the Mailing List

Join the Mailing List

Enter your name and email address below:




Monday, 2 August 2010

A Special Thank You

We would like to say a very special thank you to a wonderful friend and beautiful person, Lesley, who let us into her home to film the tutorial DVD's last week. We turned her home upside down for a whole week and she was so kind to keep us for that week. We can appreciate that they were not the easiest living conditions and sometimes it all gets too much, so truely Lesley from the bottom of our hearts we are so thankful for you letting us make your conservatory our studio and for putting up with us for as long as you did. You are a true gem and we both love you so much xXx

We have Finished Filming

Woah Nelly! That was some marathon. We completely reborned our Camden and Corbins from start to finish in record time, and I can honsestly say I'm never doing that again. For those who can get a reborn reborned a week, I think you are bleeding NUTS! Filming went extremely well and there were many laughs and fits of giggles. The out-takes section of the DVD is going to be fully padded out and you will be in for chuckles when you get to watch those. We have both learnt so much along the way, including tips and tricks from each other and lots of knowledge about filming what we do.

The last couple of days have been the most tiring, I have felt like a zombie in auto pilot mode, all I could think of was root root root! It takes us both such a long time to root and we didnt cut back on time we just squeezed it into fewer days with dreadfully early mornings and unbelievably late nights. It was a good thing we had a vast flow of tea and coffee coming our way, I think I have developed a tea addiction, 2 or 3 sugars depending on my mood and if i need that extra sugar rush. I will be posting some pictures of our journey and the finished babies soon!!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Today has been a long day, 17 hours of rooting with very few breaks and I am almost ready to hit the hay. I have just one last drop of energy left and i thought i ought to use it to keep you informed with how things are going as we have been too busy to blog over the last few days.
Things have been pretty manic and we are working at super fast speed! It should be fast enough just in time and I hope to be finished rooting by tomorrow evening latest. Considering it would take me a week at least of on off rooting to root a Camden sized head, I'm doing a pretty good job for time but my body is not liking it so much. I ACHE!! i don't think i am going to be able to root again for at least another 2-3 weeks! Ouchie!

The last couple of days have been a hoot, here at Lesley's the topic of conversation have been vast, funny and strange too- one thing to remember is that when the three of us are together you can guarantee the conversation is not going to be dull.

So as you may have now gathered we have been rooting and filming that. It's going well and although we are both stressed and exhausted we are determined to make this a success. I think it was inevitable that towards the end of the week we would both be running out of steam so we need to get lots of sleep (not an easy thing when your rooting time is already severely cut down already)
In between rooting on film we have been curled on the sofa with pillows on our laps literally inches away from our faces, 17hrs of that today and I think I must have set a world record by now!?!?! Lesley thinks we are mad, I will take that too haha cos we are completely bonkers!!!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

So were on to day 3 of painting, we have nearly finished!! next comes the rooting, were ging to have to work so so hard as it would take us 50 hours to root a head the size of Corbin and Camdens, but we have 3 days so will have to work morning, noon and night!

Yesterday we were busy painting all day, oh and singing too! It was great fuin and we're really getting used to the camera and talking whilst working.

Yesterday was soo funny, Lesley was in such a silly mood, the topics of conversation ranged from fat shakes to pubic hair!! LMAO!!

This here is the Reggae Reggae sponge :D

Anyway the oven timer just went off so we're off till later!!

Monday, 26 July 2010

End of Day 1

Who ever would have thought that this filming malarkey would be so much fun?
I have had a fantastic day with Rachel and Lesley popping in and out too! The next week is much anticipated and I simply cannot wait to wire it all together.
It took a little while for us to get used to the camera and it was a little awkward at times while we were speaking ... um.. um ... um As I'm sure with all filming, there were a couple of funny hiccups that we look forward to showing you! But we have got the hang of it now and very much looking forward to filming the next layers of paint. It has been interesting to work with Rachel too, I have seen Rachel reborn before and vise versa but never start to finish and it's amazing all the things I have learned just working along side her.
We both feel it has been a successful day and although in bewteen baking there was a bit of waiting time, we soon found that void filled with tea breaks! Oh speaking of Tea, another light bulb suddenly pinged on this evening; Lesley has been calling me Cassimo for the last 2 days, particularly in the sentence 'Cassimo, make the tea' it only occurred to me while making tea this evening that Lesley was cross referring to me as a Tea maker rather like the coffee maker Tassimo! Cheeky git! And there is me thinking it was Lesley's new sweet pet name for me! hehe!

We have been taking lots of pictures of our journey and as well as using this blog for you to follow, it will also act as a wonderful journal for us to refer back to when we want to reminisce about our exciting adventure!

Goodnight! :D

Blue, Green, White...

Photos- day 1

GEEK!!! Eww, not a flattering photo haha!!

Sleeping Beauty!! Ahhhh

Check out our super cool camera! Its soo nice. And Lesley's beautiful Silver Cross pram with my Noah in it

Sneak Peek

Well we have started filming!! Its so much fun, although we haven't got much done yet as we've been too busy messing around with the camera, we're practically experts now! :)

Last night we gave Lesley's conservatory a make over, we have a gorgeous set fit for Hollywood, heehee! Just baking our first few layers so thought we'd come and post a few photos.

Talking of Hollywood, we already have a star on set. This is Ellie, and she used to be an Andrex puppy, so she is a natural in front of the lights and camera. We'll see if we can get some footage of her later.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Beginning

I have been wracking my brain for the last few days for the light bulb to suddenly switch on and my hidden creative writing skills to start flowing from my brain; through my finger tips and into exciting 'readable' words. Truth is, I can be sitting watching the tele and think of really good things to write on our new blog but by the time I get to my computer turn it on and log in, the thought has gone and the mind is completely blank... just what do you write on blogs?
I had been writing out big long paragraphs that make no sense or are completely flat, when all I really wanted to do is cling onto Rachel's ankles and plead for her help on the first post. But no, I've got to do this since the website is looking so amazing, so I have put on my big girl panties and would you look at that 4 sentences in and I'm still here! WOW! So this what blogging feels like, it seems likely that I will be here blogging on a daily basis then, about the much anticipated DVD tutorials and the incredible journey we face over the next coming weeks and months!

You just wouldn't believe all the things we need to make these DVDs a success but most of all your support is what is driving us to do the best we possibly can! What started out as some what small, has quickly snowballed into a huge project but we are both very excited yet nervous about the prospect of making tutorial DVDs!

The Camcorder arrived by Stork first thing Friday morning and I was itching to open the box and meet our new 'baby'!

Ohhh she's so beautiful, but I really hope this 'baby' comes with a manual!

After looking through the manual and looking up some definitions online, my head feels like it has grown a few inches in camcorder knowledge!
Just a couple more things to get in order and Rachel and I will be on our way to bringing you fantastic reborning DVDs, just like we reborn!!!