Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Beginning

I have been wracking my brain for the last few days for the light bulb to suddenly switch on and my hidden creative writing skills to start flowing from my brain; through my finger tips and into exciting 'readable' words. Truth is, I can be sitting watching the tele and think of really good things to write on our new blog but by the time I get to my computer turn it on and log in, the thought has gone and the mind is completely blank... just what do you write on blogs?
I had been writing out big long paragraphs that make no sense or are completely flat, when all I really wanted to do is cling onto Rachel's ankles and plead for her help on the first post. But no, I've got to do this since the website is looking so amazing, so I have put on my big girl panties and would you look at that 4 sentences in and I'm still here! WOW! So this what blogging feels like, it seems likely that I will be here blogging on a daily basis then, about the much anticipated DVD tutorials and the incredible journey we face over the next coming weeks and months!

You just wouldn't believe all the things we need to make these DVDs a success but most of all your support is what is driving us to do the best we possibly can! What started out as some what small, has quickly snowballed into a huge project but we are both very excited yet nervous about the prospect of making tutorial DVDs!

The Camcorder arrived by Stork first thing Friday morning and I was itching to open the box and meet our new 'baby'!

Ohhh she's so beautiful, but I really hope this 'baby' comes with a manual!

After looking through the manual and looking up some definitions online, my head feels like it has grown a few inches in camcorder knowledge!
Just a couple more things to get in order and Rachel and I will be on our way to bringing you fantastic reborning DVDs, just like we reborn!!!

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