Monday, 26 July 2010

End of Day 1

Who ever would have thought that this filming malarkey would be so much fun?
I have had a fantastic day with Rachel and Lesley popping in and out too! The next week is much anticipated and I simply cannot wait to wire it all together.
It took a little while for us to get used to the camera and it was a little awkward at times while we were speaking ... um.. um ... um As I'm sure with all filming, there were a couple of funny hiccups that we look forward to showing you! But we have got the hang of it now and very much looking forward to filming the next layers of paint. It has been interesting to work with Rachel too, I have seen Rachel reborn before and vise versa but never start to finish and it's amazing all the things I have learned just working along side her.
We both feel it has been a successful day and although in bewteen baking there was a bit of waiting time, we soon found that void filled with tea breaks! Oh speaking of Tea, another light bulb suddenly pinged on this evening; Lesley has been calling me Cassimo for the last 2 days, particularly in the sentence 'Cassimo, make the tea' it only occurred to me while making tea this evening that Lesley was cross referring to me as a Tea maker rather like the coffee maker Tassimo! Cheeky git! And there is me thinking it was Lesley's new sweet pet name for me! hehe!

We have been taking lots of pictures of our journey and as well as using this blog for you to follow, it will also act as a wonderful journal for us to refer back to when we want to reminisce about our exciting adventure!

Goodnight! :D

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