Monday, 2 August 2010

We have Finished Filming

Woah Nelly! That was some marathon. We completely reborned our Camden and Corbins from start to finish in record time, and I can honsestly say I'm never doing that again. For those who can get a reborn reborned a week, I think you are bleeding NUTS! Filming went extremely well and there were many laughs and fits of giggles. The out-takes section of the DVD is going to be fully padded out and you will be in for chuckles when you get to watch those. We have both learnt so much along the way, including tips and tricks from each other and lots of knowledge about filming what we do.

The last couple of days have been the most tiring, I have felt like a zombie in auto pilot mode, all I could think of was root root root! It takes us both such a long time to root and we didnt cut back on time we just squeezed it into fewer days with dreadfully early mornings and unbelievably late nights. It was a good thing we had a vast flow of tea and coffee coming our way, I think I have developed a tea addiction, 2 or 3 sugars depending on my mood and if i need that extra sugar rush. I will be posting some pictures of our journey and the finished babies soon!!

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