Saturday, 28 August 2010

Off to the editors

The editing of the DVD proved to be very difficult, especially for what we would like, so to keep the quality of the DVD we have decided to put the editing into the hands of an expert who currently has our DVDs and will begin work next Monday! We cannot wait!!!

The editor has strict instructions to follow so the DVD will be just perfect. It's hard to believe that we have done all this and I have to keep pinching myself to believe it's real. Many times over I have been asked to make a tutorial, Rachel like wise, but the thought of actually making one was daunting as well as exciting. Having been reborning for over 2 years now, we know the hours of labour that go into creating each and every precious baby, so we knew the hefty work load ahead of us and it was difficult to find the time too in our hectic schedules.
We can finally feel all our hard work coming together, and Natalie has been working so hard too, bless her.

As soon as the DVDs are ready they will be going into production and that should take no longer than a week or so :)

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